What is Floor Repair?

Malaysia Floor Repair

Floor repair is the process of repairing and restoring damaged flooring of various types of flooring for any kinds of buildings. Based on Wikipedia:
“Wood floors, particularly older ones, will tend to 'squeak' in certain places. This is caused by the wood rubbing against other wood, usually at a joint of the subfloor. Firmly securing the pieces to each other with screws or nails may reduce this problem.
Floor vibration is a problem with floors. Wood floors tend to pass sound, particularly heavy footsteps and low bass frequencies. Floating floors can reduce this problem. Concrete floors are usually so massive they do not have this problem, but they are also much more expensive to construct and must meet more stringent building requirements due to their weight.
The flooring may need protection sometimes. A gym floor cover can be used to reduce the need to satisfy incompatible requirements.”